Our company

Export Control Labs is a software vendor specialised in classification and export control.

Export Control Labs (EC Labs) addresses the needs of export companies in the area of compliance (classification according to UK, US, French, German, and European regulations) and export control (destination screening and license management).

We have a complete offering :

- A classification service available as a monthly or yearly subscription
- Consulting services to advise you and deploy automated solutions
- Courses to help your employees understand export control compliance.

Our team

Frank Prabel, President and Founder.

With an engineering degree in computer science and years of experience in silicon valley, Frank brings  development expertise acquired in large software companies (Apple, Business Objects and SAP).

Our development team listens to users

Our development team focuses on ease of use so even non-expert users can classify their items and run export controls. The team has developed a cloud-based solution for modeling UK, US, and international regulations.

Support and maintenance

Our support and maintenance team is on call and ready to intervene in case you have questions or issues.

Our market

We work with large groups...

We collected compliance requirements from large groups such as Airbus, Areva, Thalès and Texas Instruments for classification and export control. Priorities that came out of that survey include American regulations, documentation classification, and record keeping for audit purposes.

... but also with SMEs

With the complexity of export control regulations, people in SMEs often feel lost or powerless, and need expert advice. With a few days of consulting or training, SMEs can understand the export control challenges and solutions, and make the right license requests to the administration, without the need to hire an export control expert.